Incident Reporting


Access to Electronic Communications (also see Accessing Former Employee Email or Files):

Policies / Procedures



Access the following online courses through the UC Learning Center. Go to: and click the "UC Learning Center" link. Then search by the title or ID of the tutorial. 

  • Privacy of Student Records: Are You Revealing Too Much? (FERPA) (BERIG003)
  • Data Classification (BECIO2013)
  • Privacy & Policy Fundamentals (BECIO008)
  • Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs) (BECIO009)
  • UC Information Security Awareness (BECIO200)



  • Privacy of Student Records: Are You Revealing Too Much? UC Learning Center. (Go to: and click the "UC Learning Center" link. Then search by the title or tutorial ID BERIG003.)
  • FERPA 101: for Colleges and Universities US Dept. of Education Technical Assistance Center

Research Data Privacy and Governance


  • NPR: Student 'Subversives' And The FBI's 'Dirty Tricks'. Journalist Seth Rosenfeld spent three decades pursuing government documents about the FBI's undercover operation in Berkeley, Calif., during the student protest movements in the '60s. His new book details how the FBI "used dirty tricks to stifle dissent on campus" and influenced Ronald Reagan's politics.
  • Frontline: United States of Secrets: How did the government come to spy on millions of Americans? (Part 1) | FRONTLINE investigates how Silicon Valley feeds the NSA's global dragnet. (Part 2)
  • Al Jazeera: Living With Data Series. "The issue formerly known as privacy: Control over data profiles is about power, not privacy."
  • Radiolab: Watching You, Watching Me. "From awkward moments to practical jokes to serious attempts at battling crime, we ask whether being watched is a good or bad thing. First, a look at how watching others become [sic] one of the most ubiquitous forms of entertainment...Then, a hard look at the trade-off between privacy and safety."
  • The Feeling of Being Watched about FBI surveillance of a Muslim community and panel discussion about the documentary at Second Annual CATO Surveillance Conference.

Privacy Organizations


DEVICE PRIVACY: Think Twice About Your Device