Privacy Considerations When Working From Home

Concerned About Telecommuting and Privacy?

  • We understand that these are challenging times and that many of us are working remotely for the first time.  For telecommuting best practices from a privacy and security perspective; please consult the the Information Security Office's; Best Practices For Telecommuting Page.
  • For best practices for using Zoom securely when working remotely see our Guidance for Protecting Data and Privacy When Using Zoom.
  • When working from home with paper documents, please store them securely (locked in a cabinet if possible) and do not leave them in an unattended vehicle.   Try to limit the printing of confidential information when possible.
  • Be aware of Phishing campaigns related to the COVID - 19 crisis.  For relevant information, do not click on links that you receive via email or text, advertising updates related to the virus; rather go directly to relevant government and healthcare sites such as Center for Disease Control's Home Page to obtain information.
  • Employee privacy rights should still be protected.  Managers should refrain from asking employees about their health or medical conditions or the health of their family members.   For more information, consult University Health Services/Occupational Health's  Guidance for Supervisors and Employees on Responding to Potential COVID-19 Cases.