About the Privacy Office

The UC Berkeley Privacy Office is the focal point for campus privacy issues. The Privacy Office strives to protect and promote UC Berkeley’s privacy values through a unified and comprehensive privacy program, and oversees institutional compliance with federal and state privacy regulations, as well as campus and UC policy.

The work of the Privacy Office is organized around four program areas:

  1. Compliance – Oversight of our legal, regulatory, and contractual privacy obligations
  2. Policy/Governance – Establishing direction, responsibilities, and intended outcomes in privacy, also interpreting privacy policy and managing the investigation of reported violations
  3. Outreach – Educating our internal community to establish expectations and promote awareness, as well as external communications and collaboration 
  4. Privacy by Design – Align campus practices with stated privacy values by building privacy safeguards into campus administrative processes.

Contact the UC Berkeley Privacy Officer 

Scott Seaborn, Interim Campus Privacy Officer
(510) 664-7775