Fair Information Practice Principles (FIPPs) Privacy Course

The privacy awareness training module "Fair Information Practice Principles: The Gold Standard for Protecting Personal Information" is available for UC Berkeley staff in the UC Learning Center.

This short, informative course covers the five privacy practice principles set forth by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for protecting personal information:

  • Transparency -- ensures no secret data collection; provides information about the collection of personal data to allow users to make an informed choice
  • Choice -- gives individuals a choice as to how their information will be used
  • Information Review and Correction -- allows individuals the right to review and correct personal information
  • Information Protection -- requires organizations to protect the quality and integrity of personal information
  • Accountability -- holds organizations accountable for complying with FIPPs

Although these principles are not laws, they form the backbone of privacy law and provide guidance in the collection, use and protection of personal information.

You will learn why applying the Transparency principle ensures openness and honesty in data collection; how applying the Information Protection principle provides users with the confidence that the quality and integrity of their personal data will be protected; and, how broadly incorporating these principles into everyday practices Berkeley not only protects its users' personal privacy but also assumes accountability for complying with FIPPs. A short quiz is included at the end of the module to test your understanding of the principles.

To take this course, log into and navigate to the UC Learning Center link in the left menu. You can search for the course by course code (BECIO009) or by going to the category listing "UC Essentials" and clicking on "UC Policies and Practices."  A pdf of the FIPPs course content is also available.

You may also wish to review FIPPs Questions for Data Proprietors to help you encorporate these five principles into your data collection and use practices.

For any privacy related questions, please contact the UC Berkeley Privacy Office.