Working with an Ombudsperson is a confidential, informal, impartial alternative for the resolution of  problems and conflicts. Ombudspersons do not issue reports or findings. They do not keep written records or act as witnesses in possible subsequent proceedings. 

ASUC Student Advocate’s Office

The Grievance Division provides assistance with filing complaints that are unrelated to academics, financial aid matters, or student conduct proceedings.  Services include help with writing harassment claims, UCPD complaints, and both informal and formal University grievances, as well as assistance in pursuing disputes without pre-established procedures.

Survivor Support

Sexual harassment and violence suport and education is available -- this is a site to get help, report an incident, learn how to support a survivor, or just learn more.

Graduate Student Advocate

The GSA provides assistance for a broad variety of problems, including conduct violations, grade disputes, enrollment issues, financial aid problems, establishment of residency, discrimination, and harassment. All assistance is free and confidential.

CARE Services

The campus faculty and staff assistance program provides free, confidential problem assessment and referral for UC Berkeley faculty and staff.

Discrimination Complaint Resolution Officer

The DCRC serves two independent and neutral fact-finding functions for the U.C. Berkeley campus:

    1. The DCRC assists employees who believe they have been subjected to discrimination on a protected basis and want their complaint resolved informally;
    2. The DCRC provides neutral fact-finding assistance to U.C. Berkeley campus departments and units that seek to determine if a violation of the campus Non-Discrimination Policy has taken place.

The DCRC is an independent and neutral fact-finder and as such, does not provide advocacy, counseling, advice, support, or serve as a representative to campus personnel. The DCRC will refer persons who want these services to the appropriate campus offices.