Andrei's Printer Problem

Andrei is a manager in a newly established unit and is responsible for selecting and purchasing all the office equipment for the unit. After narrowing his selection to two vendors with similar products and pricing, he learns that one of the vendors offers a free printer for bulk purchases. Feeling inspired by the prospect of a free printer, he focuses his efforts on this company and ends up negotiating a large discount. Given the discount he negotiated, as well as all his extra efforts on this project, Andrei feels justified in accepting the printer for his home office. However, he isn’t sure if it would be appropriate to do so per UC policy.

Should Andrei accept the free printer for his home office? (You may select more than one option.)

A. No. There are laws and University policies that prevent acceptance of a significant gift from a vendor and participating in decisions to award business to that vendor.
B. Yes. Since the University has not increased his compensation in two years, he should be able to keep the printer as compensation.
C. Yes. It would be inappropriate to turn down such a gift.
D. No. Accepting the printer is a conflict of interest.


The best answers are A and D.


The following Standards of Ethical Conduct apply:

4. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations

5. Compliance with Applicable University Policies, Procedures and Other Forms of Guidance

6. Conflicts of Interest or Commitment

Andrei may not accept the printer because it is a violation of conflict of interest laws and the University’s gift policy. If you have questions about whether or not a gift may be accepted, you should ask your supervisor or your location’s COI Coordinator, or call 1-800-403-4744